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50 yılı aşkın süredir hayallerimizin peşinden koşuyoruz...

As one of the very first cement factories built in the Republic of Turkey, Batısöke continues to contribute to the regional and national economy.

Since its incorporation into Batı Anadolu Group on October 19th, 1993, Batısöke contributes significantly to the regional and country economy with its clinker and cement production volume. It has not only met a significant portion of our country's need for cement, clinker and aggregate, but also has become a trusted and recognized company in the international markets with its high quality and environmentally friendly products it has offered to the service of the building sector with the understanding of "quality first", and with its impeccable service understanding.

Having had greatly contributed and continuing to greatly contribute to the Turkish economy,  BATISÖKE continues its sustainable investments through services and projects that contribute to the national economy in the social sphere on the basis of current technological developments within the scope of environmental sustainability.

Batı Anadolu Group

Our Corporate Values

We Value Environment

We take maximum care to prevent environmental pollution and to consciously use the natural resources, we reduce the wastes generated at the source, and recycle these wastes to be re-used in the national economy wherever possible.

We proceed on our way with the state-of-the-art technology

We closely follow the technological developments in our sector in order to produce world-class high-quality products, and we proceed on our way with the latest technology available.

We Value Life

For more than 50 years now, we have been working with our enthusiasm that we had on our very first day, in order to strengthen the foundation of structures that will provide you with safer living spaces.


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Batısöke, which has increased its clinker and cement production capacity as well as its export volume thanks to the investments it has made, maintains its quality with effective control systems that are involved in every stage of the production and with its experienced employees.


We invite you to be a part of us.

We open the doors of the business world to the newly graduates by creating job opportunities for them and to the students by offering internship programs, through which they can put their theoretical education into practice. You can review our vacancies to become a part of Batı Anadolu.

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