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50 yılı aşkın süredir hayallerimizin peşinden koşuyoruz...

One of the first cement factories built in Turkey – Batısöke continues to contribute to the regional and national economy

Batısöke Söke Çimento Sanayi T.A.Ş. is one of the first cement factories of the Republic of Turkey. Since its merge into Batı Anadolu Group on October 19, 1993, it contributes significantly to the regional and country economy with its clinker and cement production volume. With "Quality First" perspective firm not only supplied significant portion of market needs, but also has become a trusted and recognized brand in international markets with its eco-friendly products and impeccable service understanding.

BATISÖKE goes on contributing greatly to the Turkish economy. With the current technological developments in the context of environmental sustainability, firm continues to provide services and projects that improve welfare of the country with sustainable investments.

Batı Anadolu Group

Our Corporate Values

We Care About Environment

We pay utmost attention to prevent environmental pollution and to use natural sources conciously, minimize the wastes at its source and regain these wastes to the economy of the world whenever possible.

We are progressing with the recent technology.

We are progressing with the last, useable technology and following the technical developments in our field to produce high-grade, word class products.

We Care About Life

We have worked to consolidate the foundation of the constructions that provide safe living quarters to you with ourexcitement on the first day for more than 50 years.


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Batısöke, which raises its clinker and cement production capacity and export volume, takes its source of quality from its control system and experienced staff.


We invite you to be a part of us.

We open the doors to the business world for new graduates with the job opportunities in their career development and for the students to practice their educations with the internship programmes.

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