We blend our sectoral experience with technology

Our accumulation of over 50 years of knowledge in the cement sector is blended with the latest technology and presented to your service.

Sustainable integrated plant

Batısöke Cement Plant, working with the philosophy of sustainability in all areas, continues to increase its environmental and energy efficiency investments.

Batısöke grows with new investments

With its integrated plant investment in Batısöke, it provides significant contributions to the economy of the region in many areas, from production to employment, from logistics to energy saving.

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Batı Anadolu Group

We continue to adding value to Turkey’s economy and developing in the field of export as a company producing clinker for countries more than 30 since 1966. You can visit the export page for more information.

4 Different Continents
More Than 30 Countries

We reduce the carbon footprint.

As Batisoke, we care about nature. Every year we continue our exercises for carbon-gain. We reduce carbon emission with waste removing and technological investments.

78.233.313 kg

2018 Carbon saving at the year of

59.991.834 kg

2019 Carbon saving at the year of

16.378.524 kg

2020 Carbon saving at the year of
Batı Anadolu Group

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