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Coding system
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Represents cement type.
CEM I Portland Cement
CEM II Portland-Composite Cement
CEM III High Furnace Slag Cement
CEM IV Pozzolanic Cement
CEM V Composite Cement
Represents the clinker content of Portland cement.
A High
B Medium
C Low
Represents cement additive type.
S Granule high furnace slag cement
P, Q Pozzolanic materials
V, W Fly ash
T Fired Schist
L, LL Limestone
D Silica Fume
M Shows that it consists of at least two main components.
Represents the standard strength class of cement.
28 day pressure strength as specified by TS EN 196-1.
It unit is MPa.
Represents early strength class of cement.
R High early strength class (2-7) days
N Normal early strength class