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SDÇ 42,5 R
Sulfide Resistant Portland Cement
It is a type of cement produced by grinding sulfide resistant cement clinker with some amount of gypsum.
Ready Mixed Concrete Productions
  • Concrete manufactures of projects requiring resistance against sulfide,
  • Concrete manufactures of projects to be subjected to environmental effects such as sea water,
  • Concrete and piping manufactures of industrial waste water or treatment facility projects,
  • bridge, tunnel, trestle, etc. projects,
  • Dam projects for hydroelectric or irrigation purposes,
  • Silo, water tank, water channel or flume projects,
  • All kinds of highway, double asphalt road edge or middle coating works,
  • Airport landing field and apron concretes,
  • All kinds of field concrete projects,
  • Buildings where sliding-concrete form or tunnel-concrete form systems are applied,
  • Underground sustaining wall and sewage concrete manufactures.
Industrial Productions
  • Ground improvement works with jet-grout method,
  • Ground improvement works with jet-grout method as requiring resistance against sulfide,
  • Heat insulated brick production,
  • All kinds of ground-wall coating, ceramic adhesive mortar and grouting mortar productions,
  • Prestressed productions,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete building material productions,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete illumination, energy transfer line post and transformer box productions,
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete pipe, cement pipe, etc. productions,
  • All kinds of parquet, kerb, interlocked parquet stone, water slot, etc. productions,
  • Balance concrete productions,
  • Concrete tile productions,
  • Ready mixed plaster, repair mortar, industrial ground mortar productions,
  • Ready step, balcony, window frames, precast applications and productions.
Foregoing areas of use are provided for recommendation purposes. Cement should be used in compliance with the standards, regulations and projects depending on its place of use.