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Information on Cement

Cement Terminology

It is the result of resistance obtained by turning cement into concrete prism and by breaking using pressure test device on days 2, 7 and 28 as described in TS EN 196-1 standards.

Early Strength

Early strength of cement is its pressure strength on days 2 and 7 as specified according to TS EN 196-1. "N" defines normal early strength and "R" defines high early strength.

Initial Set Period

It is the period from the time the cement paste that is tempered in accordance with TS EN 196-3 standards contacts water until it is frozen or in other words hardened according to the standard criteria. It ensures that the cement is provided with the time required for workability in concrete or plaster applications. The periods should be minimum 75 minutes for strength class "32,5"; 60 minutes for strength class "42,5" and minimum 45 minutes for strength class "52,5".


It is the change in the volume of plaster made of cement paste tempered in accordance with TS EN 196-3 standards. Volume expansion is defined in mm and it should be maximum 10 mm for each strength class.

Blaine (Specific Surface)

It is a type of fineness expression for cement. It defines the surface area covered by all particles forming one gram of cement. It is determined by means of the method specified in TS EN 196-6 standards and shown in cm³/gr.