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CEM II/A-LL 42,5 N (White)
Portland Limestone Cement (White)
This is the cement produced by grinding White Portland Cement clinker with specific amounts of limestone and gypsum.
Ready Mixed Concrete Productions
  • In concrete productions requiring high strength,
  • In productions of thin section reinforced concrete,
  • In highly reinforced concrete buildings,
  • Building reinforcing works,
  • Dam projects for hydroelectric or irrigation purposes,
  • Silo, water tank, water channel or flume projects,
  • All kinds of concrete road coatings,
  • All kinds of highway, double asphalt road edge or middle coating works,
  • Airport landing field and apron concretes,
  • All kinds of field concrete projects,
  • Buildings where sliding-concrete form or tunnel-concrete form systems are applied,
  • All kinds of colorful concrete productions,
  • Concrete productions of projects such as stadium, subway, art and culture center, etc. requiring white or colorful concrete in terms of architecture,
Industrial Productions
  • Heat insulated brick production,
  • All kinds of ground-wall coating, ceramic adhesive mortar and grouting mortar productions,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete building material productions,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete illumination, energy transfer line post and transformer box productions,
  • All kinds of parquet, kerb, interlocked parquet stone, water slot, etc. productions,
  • Concrete tile productions,
  • Ready mixed plaster, repair mortar, industrial ground mortar productions,
  • Isolation and anchorage mortar productions,
  • Ready step, balcony, window frames, precast applications and productions.
  • City furniture at places such as parks, gardens, pools, etc. of all kinds requiring white or colorful concrete.
Foregoing areas of use are provided for recommendation purposes. Cement should be used in compliance with the standards, regulations and projects depending on its place of use.